/ AROUND at Marlborough Gallery in Madrid

AROUND at Marlborough Gallery in Madrid

Posted at 2/5/2011 Por admin

Opening of the solo exhibition by Andrea Santolaya Around at Marlborough Gallery in Madrid.

(...) this work  by Andrea santolaya is unique in the legacy of the  sport. ..... it is about silence.. about resistance, and patience... what this photographer dosnt show has given birth to what it does show.. the remarkable soul of the women who have drilled and trained, who have left their home at dawn to jump rope and shadowbox.. who have gone to work and put in working class hours in order to  finance a destiny. a destiny  which calls for becoming strong and inherently  armored but by being so, soft, as if the soul was only to be discovered by the flame and drill of steel. the steel will for mastery and muscle...this work is about physical ambition and the inner quiet that grows from its stealth.... if you allow yourself to enter each of these slices which contain the portraits , you will be held by their integrity and power.  an  unspoken  reverie sets in.... you  have experienced the ongoing result which glows from within....  

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